July 5, 2017

Customer’s 20-Year-Old Email Account Shut Down Over Unusual Address (

A Halifax man is facing the daunting task of going through almost two decades of email messages after his email provider served notice it was deactivating his account in 30 days because of his email address: From a report: “I had it since the late ’90s, probably 1998 when I really started getting online,” Steve Morshead told CBC News. “I asked for it, it was available and they gave it to me without hesitation.” He said he picked the handle “noreply” because he wanted an unusual address — and back in the ’90s, it was. Morshead never expected to lose his email address, which he uses for communicating with everyone from friends to banks to lawyers. He is in the process of selling his home and says this couldn’t come at a worse time. “My email address is a personal identifier for banks, eBay, Kijiji, and hundreds of other places I’ve logged into — so many I can’t count,” Morshead said. He said he wouldn’t be in this situation if Eastlink had addressed the issue when he applied for the email. “Now, after all these years, 20 years almost, I find it reprehensible they want to pop out of bushes and just give me 30 days to go through 20 years worth of emails and decide what I want to keep,” he said. Morshead said he was given 30 days notice on June 7 that he would lose access to his email address and all of his emails.

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